ISBN 9788131508282,Circuits & Networks Inver

Circuits & Networks Inver



Delmar Cengage Learning

Publication Year 2009

ISBN 9788131508282

ISBN-10 8131508285

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Number of Pages 412 Pages
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Electronics Device & Circuits

The purpose of Circuits and Networks is to provide comprehensive training in the fundamentals of electricity and electronics in a technically sound, student-friendly, and easy- to-understand style. Circuits and Devices include strong coverage of solid-state devices theory and important practical circuits.

Key Features
Provides a comprehensive introduction to modern electronic devices, with greater emphasis on integrated circuits and more
Examples and practice problems are provided where they will have the most impact, enabling readers to apply concepts immediately
Unique SIMPLER method teaches important troubleshooting techniques for both "systems-approach" block-diagram-level troubleshooting and "discrete component-level" troubleshooting while developing critical and logical thinking skills

Table Of Contents
1. Ohm's Law. Series Circuits
2. Series Circuits
3. Parallel Circuits
4. Series-Parallel Circuits
5. Basic Network Theorems
6. Network Analysis Techniques
7. Inductance
8. Inductive Reactance in AC
9. RL Circuits in AC
10. Basic Transformer Characteristics
11. Capacitance
12. Capacitive Reactance In AC
13. RC Circuits in AC
14. RLC Circuit Analysis