ISBN 9781565491014,Civil Society at the Millennium

Civil Society at the Millennium




Kumarian Press



Kumarian Press

Publication Year 2000

ISBN 9781565491014

ISBN-10 1565491017

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Number of Pages 211 Pages
Language (English)

Literature fiction

Description This publication documents how far civil society has come through the past decades and provides a good explanation of what its future role will be in the coming millennium. The thematic underpinnings of civil society examined in this book are globalization, governance, youth participation, women and leadership, sustainable development, religion, poverty, indigenious people, volunteering and technology. The book strives to assess the health, viability and role of civil society today and identify key challenges and opportunities facing civil society on a global scale.

Table of Contents
1. The Promise of Civil Society
2. Why We Must Listen to Citizens
3. Volunteering: Underpinning Social Action in Civil Society for the New Millennium
4. Civil Society and Indigenous Peoples
5. Women and Civil Society
6. Youth Empowerment and Civil Society
7. The Role of Civil Society Organizations in Sustainable Development
8. Religion and Civil Society
9. Civil Society and Government: A Continuum of Possibilities
10.Strengthening Civil Societys Capacity to Promote Democratic Governance: The Role of Foundations
11.Civil Society and Poverty: Whose Rights Counts?
12.Coming Apart, Coming Together: Globalization and Civil Society
13.From States to People: Civil Society and its Role in Governance
14.New ToolsSame Values: Information and Communication Technology to Support Civil Society
15. Civil Society at the Millennium