ISBN 9788130917795,Civil Society: Views and Reviews

Civil Society: Views and Reviews



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Publication Year 2012

ISBN 9788130917795

ISBN-10 8130917793


Number of Pages 292 Pages
Language (English)

Literature fiction

The idea of Civil society is the subject of scholarly debate and deliberation. This book covers a diversity of discussions and arguments on the subject from several relevant perspectives. It also explores the historical and political evolution and political potential of the idea.

The essays in this book seek to outline the origin of the concept of civil society and its characteristics. They delineate the relation relationship between nationalism and Civil society; Civil society and government; Civil society and democracy; and Civil society and the public spheres. The book also focuses on Civil society and the politics of identity ; and discusses ideas of social order and public interest. Covering a diversity of discussions and reviews from eminent scholars like Craig Calhoun, Baogang He, Jean Cohen, etc., it will be an important reference book for students, researchers and scholars.

Table of Contents
Putting Civil Society in Its Place
Nationalism And Civil Society: Democracy, Diversity and Self-determination
Introduction to Civil Society and Government
Civil Society and the Politics of Identity
Civil Society and Democracy Civil Society
Interpreting the Notion of Civil Society
Reconceptualizing Civil Society for Now: Some Somewhat Gramscian Turnings
Civil Society: Theory and Practice Civil Society Debates in India: Civil Society Against Political Society?
Civil Society: Active or Passive?
India Religion in the Public Sphere
Overview of Civil Society.