ISBN 9781842931370,Civilization One: The World is not as you Thought it Was

Civilization One: The World is not as you Thought it Was



Watkins Publishing

Publication Year 2007

ISBN 9781842931370

ISBN-10 1842931377

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Number of Pages 270 Pages
Language (English)

Literature fiction

This is the extraordinary story of how a quest to try to crack the mystery of the Megalithic Yard - an ancient unit of linear measurement - led to the discovery of compelling evidence pointing to the existence of an unknown, highly advanced culture which was the precursor to the earliest known civilizations. There must have been a Civilization One.

Hard facts that change history for ever:
The builders of the Stone Age monuments of the British Isles used a unit of length that was defined to one ten-thousandth of a millimetre.
That unit is fundamental to the Sun, Moon and Earth
There are 366 degrees to an Earth circle not 360
The pound and the pint are derived from this prehistoric unit of length
The metre, kilo and litre were in use over 4, 000 years before the French invented them
The hour, minute and second were developed more than two millennia before Christ-from the movements of the Moon.
The further back in time all measurements are studied, the more they merge into one great system.

About the Author
Christopher Knight has co-authored four books with Robert Lomas. His first book, The Hiram Key, become an international best-seller, selling over a million copies worldwide.

Alan Butler is fascinated by History, and an expert in astrology and astronomy. Ha has published four successful books, and is a playwright and radio dramatist.

Table of Contents
The great wall of history
The turning Earth
The harmony of the spheres
Sumerian degrees
The rebirth of the metric system
The Jefferson Report
Grains of ancient truth
The weight of the world
The missing link
Widening the search
Music and light
Sun, Moon and megalithic measure
A new paradigm of prehistory
Appendices : Earth days and proving the megalithic yard; The formula for finding the volume of a sphere; More about megalithic music; Music and light; The phaistos disc and the megalithic year; The Amazing barley seed ; The megalithic principle and freemasonry