ISBN 9789350641873,Classic Folk Tales From India : Akbar Birbal Vol I

Classic Folk Tales From India : Akbar Birbal Vol I


Vikas Pandey


Rajpal & Sons



Rajpal & Sons

Publication Year 2014

ISBN 9789350641873

ISBN-10 9350641879


Number of Pages 16 Pages
Language (English)


The tales of Emperor Akbar and his minister Birbal have entertained readers since a long time. Many plays, movies and television series have been created around the legendary tales of Akbar and Birbal. These tales are based on the interaction between the two, where Birbal would use his intelligence and sharp wit to solve the everyday administrative, legal, philosophical situations that King Akbar would face in running his empire. The tales have become extremely popular amongst younger audiences as they are witty and entertaining, yet carry important lessons on honesty, justice and equality.


Who were Akbar and Birbal?


Akbar (1542-1605) was one of the finest Kings of the Mughal Empire. He is credited for spreading the Mughal Empire far and wide and bringing about many legal and administrative reforms for running his vast empire efficiently.


Birbal (1528-1586) originally named Mahesh Das was one of the nine extraordinary ministers or navratnas, in Akkbar's court. He was a close aide, advisor and personal friend to King Akbar.