ISBN 9788122204988,Classics: From the Iliad to Midnight's Children

Classics: From the Iliad to Midnight's Children



Orient Publishing

Publication Year 2010

ISBN 9788122204988

ISBN-10 8122204988


Number of Pages 256 Pages
Language (English)

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A celebration of the greatest works of literature: why they matter, what they give us and why they continue to be regarded as important. What are the qualities that give some books a passionate new readership with every new generation, even centuries after their author's lifetime? Classics journeys into our reading past to rediscover the great masterpieces that move and inspire us and to learn why they still resonate with us today. It also identifies some to the great books of the present times and why are they called 'modern classics'. These books are invaluable for their insights into the human heart and soul, for their wisdom and humour, for their worth as records of social, political and economic life in other times and places and for their extraordinary mastery of language - so extraordinary, that each book serves as a storehouse of literary quality, of style, rhythm, vocabulary and ingenuity of expression. This masterly selection of books, is an inspiring feast of all-time great books of the world - books that are read, loved, treasured and re-read. It is your invitation to those great works you always wanted to read to understand human culture and explore some of the most enduring writings of the world. It represents a small cosmos of 2,500 years of our literary heritage. These are some of the best loved books, books which have endured and will continue to live on.