ISBN 9788129118813,Clear Line Of Fire

Clear Line Of Fire


Rupa & Co



Rupa & Co

Publication Year 2012

ISBN 9788129118813

ISBN-10 8129118815


Number of Pages 232 Pages
Language (English)


Clear Line Of Fire is an intriguing tale of the international arms race and the power politics involved in it. Summary Of The Book The protagonist of Clear Line Of Fire is Satyan Sharma, a young entrepreneur who has big dreams for his company. He wants to build it into a software powerhouse, a firm capable of providing high-tech solutions in many fields. When he is approached by the military to build the control unit for a weapon, Satyan is elated. He sees this as his big break,and invests all his resources into the project. The project is a joint effort between India and Uzbekistan. The problem is, smart missiles and weapons are a part of the international political playground. It is a high stakes game controlled by the two superpowers, the US and Russia. They are unwilling to let anyone get ahead of them in the game, and the last thing they want is to let third world countries acquire technology that could challenge their stranglehold in the arms race. The plot of Clear Line Of Fire moves to the international arena, as Russia and the US mobilize their elite secret service agencies to sabotage this project. The agents from these agencies go straight to where they know they could achieve results. They exploit the rampant corruption in the Indian political arena to try and manipulate the events in their favor. The project that Satyan viewed as a great opportunity for his business now threatens to ruin everything that he has built up so far. With the help of his feisty girlfriend Rubita who works in the media, Satyan launches his own offensive in this high stakes game, to win or lose it all. About Badrinath Nuggehalli Badrinath Nuggehalli is a marketing professional. Clear Line Of Fire is his first novel. Badrinath Nuggehalli is the son of an army officer. He is an experienced advertising and marketing professional. He has worked with several leading companies in the field like Mudra, JWT, and Nielsen. He is now a partner in a marketing consultancy firm, Aqumena. His work in the marketing field aroused in him an interest in people, and the society in general. He is married, and lives with his wife and daughter in Mumbai.

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