ISBN 9780521421188,Clear Speech - Pronunciation And Listening Comprehension In American

Clear Speech - Pronunciation And Listening Comprehension In American



Cambridge University Press

Publication Year 1993

ISBN 9780521421188

ISBN-10 0521421187


Number of Pages 144 Pages
Language (English)

Educational: English language: readers & reading schemes

Clear Speech, 2nd Edition, is a revised and expanded edition of a highly successful and innovative pronunciation course for intermediate and advanced students of English. As in the first edition, the emphasis is on the musical aspects of English: rhythm, stress, and intonation. New features of the second edition include: more practice material; more pair practice, allowing more time for speaking and enabling students to receive immediate practical feedback; presentation of sounds within the context of speech patterns, to aid recognition of grammar cues and enhance listening comprehension; reorganization of teaching points, making the interrelationship between the various aspects of pronunciation more obvious. Students learn how to use rhythm, stress, and intonation to provide navigational guides for the listener. The emphasis on the relationship between speaking and listening comprehension makes this text uniquely helpful. The Teacher's Manual contains invaluable, creative ideas for presenting the teaching points, as well as theoretical support. In addition, it contains detailed procedures, additional activities, and an answer key. The Cassettes contain material from many of the exercises as well as the Clear Listening Test. Clear Speech is suitable as a classroom text, for laboratory use, and for self-study.