ISBN 9781568213248,Clinical Handbook of Sleep Disorders in Children

Clinical Handbook of Sleep Disorders in Children



Jason Aronson Inc. Publishers

Publication Year 1995

ISBN 9781568213248

ISBN-10 1568213247


Number of Pages 360 Pages
Language (English)

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Once again, Dr. Schaefer has produced an excellent, practical resource geared to practitioners working with children and families. Sleep disorders are frequently overlooked and undertreated in infants and children, yeat are some of their most prevalent problems. One in three families of preschoolers and early school-age children reports significant sleep disturbances in their youngsters. These disorders cause tremendous stress to families particularly those with two working parents who go through nightly battles with children who have trouble going to sleep, awaken repeatedly, have nightmares, or regularly enter parental beds. Clinical Handbook of Sleep Disorders in Children describes and defines problems and solutions in this emerging field. The contributors to this volume also address more complex difficulties such as sleep apnea, narcolepsy, teeth grinding, bed-wetting, night terrors, and sleepwalking, and share the most recent research findings regarding sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS). The handbook's treatment approach is to work directly with parents to determine environmental influences, such as their own behaviors that reinforce bad sleeping habits; to provide parental therapy as needed; and to help parents develop a behavioral program to teach their own children to achieve more effective sleep behaviors. This is a particularly attractive approach, as it empowers parents with solutions to the problems that previously overwhelmed them, and makes them feel more effective in their role as parents. The book is highly recommended for any clinician who works with children." Lynnette Johnson, Ph. D