ISBN 9788185860411,Clonal Tissue Culture Of Important Fruit Crops

Clonal Tissue Culture Of Important Fruit Crops



Ibdc Publishers

Publication Year 1998

ISBN 9788185860411

ISBN-10 8185860416

Hard Back

Language (English)

Medicine: general issues

Plant cell, tissue and organ culture has emerged as an important tool to study various fundamental and applied aspects in plant science concerning the potential aplications of this technology in agriculture and horticulture, it has generated tremendous excitement since 1970s. This is evident by the fact that number of commercial establishements engaged in mass propagation of desired genotypes is swelling day by day. Recognising its importance in basic as well as applied areas, several universities have included it in UG and PG course curriculum. Specialized courses of one to two year duration in tissue culture and greenhouse technology are becoming increasingly popular amongst students.

Thus the main purpose of this book is to provide a reference guide on principles and practices of clonal tissue culture of important fruit crops, viz. Banana, Citrus, Papaya, Grapes, Strawbeery, Apple, Plum and Walnut for scientists, students and commercial propagators. The book will especially serve the purpose of a practical handbook for technicians and research assistants/fellows. Chief orientation is towards practical aspects and major emphasis has been given on laboratory organization and facilities, aseptic procedures and problems encountered during the process. As a tissue culture laboratory is a specialiszed establishment designed to carry out precise scientific and technical operations with the help of sophisticated equipments, maintenance and operation of importants, equipments and safety measures in the laboratory have been dealt with separately. Basic principles and requirements for clonal tissue essentials for commercial tissue culture have been given speical attention.