ISBN 9780074603185,Cobol Programming Including Ms-Cobol And Cobol-85

Cobol Programming Including Ms-Cobol And Cobol-85


M Roy



Tata McGraw - Hill Education

Publication Year 1989

ISBN 9780074603185

ISBN-10 0074603183


Edition 2nd
Number of Pages 516 Pages
Language (English)

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'Introduction To Computers'. The readers are also given in-depth information on a number of COBOL compilers, highlighting the difference between each of them. It also contains a great deal of solved examples, which are used for explaining the different concepts of this language. Novices as well as pros can benefit greatly from the information covered in this book. TABLE OF CONTENTS Chapter 1 Introduction to Computer Systems Chapter 2 File Concepts and Program Logic Chapter 3 Introduction to COBOL Chapter 4 Identification and Environment Division Chapter 5 First look at Data Division Chapter 6 Procedure Division and Basic Verbs Chapter 7 Writing Complete Programs Chapter 8 More about Data Division Chapter 9 More about Data Movement Verb and Arithmetic Verbs Chapter 10 Conditional and Sequence Control Verbs Chapter 11 Table Handling Chapter 12 Structured Programming Chapter 13 Sequential Files Chapter 14 Sorting and Merging of Files Chapter 15 More about Structured Programming. Chapter 16 Direct Access Files Chapter 17 Character Handling Chapter 18 Report Writer Chapter 19 COBOL Subroutines Chapter 20 Segmentation and Library Facility Chapter 21 COBOL for Personal Computers Chapter 22 Features of COBOL-85