ISBN 9789350041246,Code Complete, 2Nd Edition

Code Complete, 2Nd Edition


Dreamtech Press



Dreamtech Press

Publication Year 2011

ISBN 9789350041246

ISBN-10 9350041243


Edition 2nd
Number of Pages 952 Pages
Language (English)

Computer Engineering

 Code Complete: A Practical Handbook Of Software Construction is an essential practical guide to programming for software developers.
Summary Of The Book
Code Complete: A Practical Handbook Of Software Construction is a revised and fully updated guide that contains information on cutting edge practices in the software industry, with a variety of code samples which illustrate the science and art of software construction.
The text encompasses knowledge obtained from research, everyday practice, and academia. The author has synthesized and presented key principles and effective techniques which will guide readers with their project completion. By utilizing this text, readers will learn to learn to design code that is minimally complex yet maximally creative. Other benefits of using this text include learning defensive programming methodology, refactoring, debugging problems, and resolving critical issues that arise in construction.
The text is organized into 7 parts and 35 chapters. Some of the concepts covered are Code Foundation, Creating Quality Code, Variables, Statements, Code Improvements, System Considerations, and Software Craftsmanship. In this new edition, readers can also expect to find languages such as Java and C++. The first few chapters of the book provide a foundation and thorough introduction to software design and construction. Then, the book tackles the subject of creating quality codes. The final chapters address software craftsmanship topics such as documenting code, style, personal character, and layout.
Code Complete: A Practical Handbook Of Software Construction will stimulate creative thinking and help readers build the highest quality of codes. This is an ideal text for any individual who wants to pursue a career in software development.
About Steve McConnell
Steve McConnell is an author and software engineer, who hails from Washington.
He has authored numerous books on the subject of software development. Some of these titles are Software Project Survival Guide, Rapid Development, and After The Gold Rush.
McConnell completed his Master’s degree from Seattle University, in software engineering. He began his career in desktop software and has worked at reputable companies such as Microsoft, Russell Investment Group, and Boeing. At present, he is the CEO at Construx Software. McConnell has served on several committees including IEEE Computer Society’s Professional Practices and the Technical Council On Software Engineering. McConnell is also the two-time Jolt award winner from Software Development Magazine.
Part I:  Laying the Foundation
· Welcome to Software Construction
· Metaphors for a Richer Understanding of Software Development
· Measure Twice, Cut Once: Upstream Prerequisites
· Key Construction Decisions
Part II:  Creating High-Quality Code
· Design in Construction
· Working Classes
· High-Quality Routines
· Defensive Programming
· The Pseudocode Programming Process
Part III:  Variables
· General Issues in Using Variables
· The Power of Variable Names
· Fundamental Data Types
· Unusual Data Types
Part IV:  Statements
· Organizing Straight-Line Code
· Using Conditionals
· Controlling Loops
· Unusual Control Structures
· Table-Driven Methods
· General Control Issues
Part V:  Code Improvements
· The Software-Quality Landscape
· Collaborative Construction
· Developer Testing
· Debugging
· Refactoring
· Code-Tuning Strategies
· Code-Tuning Techniques
Part VI:  System Considerations
· How Program Size Affects Construction
· Managing Construction
· Integration
· Programming Tools
Part VII:  Software Craftsmanship
· Layout and Style
· Self-Documenting Code
· Personal Character
· Themes in Software Craftsmanship
· Where to Find More Information