ISBN 9788183245098,Colonial Odie Literature

Colonial Odie Literature



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Publication Year 2014

ISBN 9788183245098

ISBN-10 8183245099


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Ramesh P. Panigrahi (1944) is the first Indian playwright who has written the history of his vernacular literature. A fecund playwright with 73 original plays to his credit, Dr. Panigrahi with his three decades of teaching experience has worked as a translator, interpreter, journalistic reporter and a spokesman of his literary culture. He is a charismatic and difficult thinker and his ideas give permanent shape to the intellectual epochs of an important body of colonial Odia literature. Panigrahi offers a reasoned and positive presentation of an important body of twentieth century thoughts
About the Book
Colonial Odia Literature is a comprehensive survey, in chronological fashion of the major literary movements from mid-19th century to 1947. Written for general readers, post-graduate students and research scholars, this history locates authors, genres and developments within their socio-cultural contexts. Informed by contemporary literary and cultural theory, this account also prepares the reader for further explorations in particular genres and periods in Odia literature.