ISBN 9780074600245,Colour Television : Theory and Practice

Colour Television : Theory and Practice



Tata McGraw - Hill Education

Publication Year 2008

ISBN 9780074600245

ISBN-10 0074600249


Number of Pages 640 Pages
Language (English)

Technology & Engineering

This book is a comprehensive text covering: (a) the theoretical background of the working of colour receivers, (b) their set-up procedures, tuning and alignment, and (C) Troubleshooting techniques of various colour TVs. It assumes no previous knowledge on part of the readers and deals with all topics right from the scratch. It is profusely illustrated, and has wide-ranging contents-from fundamentals like elements of colour to the latest in TV technology like HDTV and computerised TV. Written in simple, easy-to-understnad language, this book is a must for everyone keen to know what goes on behind the TV screen. Salient Features Profusely illustrated-contains over 450 illustratins supplemented by 32 colour plates. Simple, easy-to-understand, technical language devoid of cumbersome mathematics. Special emphasis on PAL sysetem adopted in India. Topics range from the most basic-elements of colour-to teh most advanced-computerised TV. ITT (German), Samsung(Korean), Mitsubishi and BELCTS 86 colour receivers discussed in detail. Latest technological advances like projectin TV, 3-DTV, teletext,cable TV, satellite TV, HDTV and computerised TV covered in detail. Allied accessories like VCRs, video games, Video disc, video cameras etc. dealt With in separate chapters. Ten appendices containing application information, automatic brightness controller, VHF/UHF/CATV channels, etc. TABLE OF CONTENTS Chapter 1 Elements of Colour Chapter 2 Composite Colour Signal Chapter 3 Colour TV Systems Chapter 4 Colour Picture Tube Chapter 5 Colour TV Receiver Controls Chapter 6 Colour TV Receivers Chapter 7 ITT (German) Colour TV Receiver Chapter 8 Samsung (Korean) Colour TV Receiver Chapter 9 Mitsubishi Colour TV Receiver Chapter 10 Bel Colour TV Receiver CTS-86 Chapter 11 Systems Compatibility Chapter 12 Test Charts Chapter 13 Projection TV Chapter 14 3-Dd TV Chapter 15 Digital Jargon Chapter 16 Teletext and View Data Chapter 17 Video Cassette Recorders Chapter 18 Cable Television Chapter 19 Video Games Chapter 20 Video Disc Chapter 21 Video Camera Chapter 22 Satellite TV Chapter 23 High Definition TV (HDTV) Chapter 24 Digital TV Chapter 25 Computerised TV Chapter 26 Safety Appendix 1: Automatic Brightness Controller (ABC) Appendix 2: Channel Display Appendix 3: Specifications of Sharp Electronic Tuner Appendix 4: Application Information Appendix 5: Resistor Colour Code Appendix 6:New Product Information Appendix 7:VHF Broadcasting Channel Appendix 8:UHF Broadcasting Channel Appendix 9: CATV Channel Appendix 10: Colour Plates Index