ISBN 9789383562015,Colours of Life

Colours of Life



Leadstart Publishing Pvt Ltd

Publication Year 2013

ISBN 9789383562015

ISBN-10 9383562013


Number of Pages 107 Pages
Language (English)


Rishi is a fun - loving, happy - go - lucky guy with no particular ambition. The professional college changes many things. He gets into all those habits which are perceived negatively by society. He goes so deep into those activities that it starts affecting not only his health but also his studies. During the course he is also acquiring the skill sets which may be useful to him in future. In his bad times he needed the support of his family, friends and girlfriend. The question is Does Rishi come out of all that? Does he find any support from family and friends? Does he find the girl of his dream? Does he really learn anything in all those years of highs and lows? Life is going to teach many lessons to him. To know more, read The Colours of Life.

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