ISBN 9788189766443,Combating Cancer: Diagnosis, Therapy and Nanomedicine

Combating Cancer: Diagnosis, Therapy and Nanomedicine



Vista International Publishing House

Publication Year 2008

ISBN 9788189766443

ISBN-10 8189766449


Number of Pages 327 Pages
Language (English)


Combating Cancer Diagnosis, Therapy And Nanomedicine Prompted by the considerable impact and substantial potential of recent advances and emerging possibilities in gene technology, biomarkers and 'omics' technologies, nanobiotechnology, stem cells, and companion diagnostics on reliable diagnosis and effective therapy of various cancers, the authors have attempted to produce a fully-updated and comprehensive outline of the applications of exploitable nanoscience and nanotechnology in combating cancer. The study also introduces the reader to nucleic acids (especially dynamic DNA), gene mutations, virus-like particles, immunology and vaccines, plant nutraceuticals and the sunshine superstar (the wonder vitamin D) in the context of prevention, diagnosis and treatment of cancers.While taking the reader on an exciting journey through several disciplines such as ayurveda, allopathy, traditional and complementary medicine, chemotherapy and nanomedicine, some closely related issues of general health and diseases other than cancer are also touched upon briefly wherever relevant.