ISBN 9788131205488,Combustion 4 Fundametals Courseware

Combustion 4 Fundametals Courseware



Elsevier Publishing Company

Publication Year 2008

ISBN 9788131205488

ISBN-10 8131205487


Language (English)

General encyclopaedias

Key Features Provides: A companion DVD that includes Combustion workspace files and project footage to make learning easy Heavily illustrated tutorials Detailed explanation of the principles behind the tools Learn about the many new features in version 4 Expert advice-written by Autodesk Courseware Developers, Product Education Technical Writers, and Autodesk Training Specialists who know the product inside and out! Description Whether this is your first experience with Combustion software or you're upgrading to take advantage of the many new features and tools, this guide will serve as your ultimate resource to this all-in-one professional compositing application. Much more than a point-and-click manual, this guide explains the principles behind the software, serving as an overview of the package and associated techniques. Written by certified Autodesk training specialists for motion graphic designers, animators, and visual effects artists, Combustion 4 Fundamentals Courseware provides expert advice for all skill levels. Readership Computer graphics students or professionals with some prior experience in the field of computer graphics who want to learn Combustion or have a handy reference to refer to when using it. It will be useful for motion graphics artists, broadcast designers, 3d animators, web artists, compositors and visual effects artists working for video and film based productions. People within the computer graphics industry of all sorts can take advantage of Combustion because it is both a stand-alone application and also a bridge to several different disciplines including video editing, 3d animation, matte painting, 2d illustration and web design. Quotes "Anyone who is picking up Autodesk's Combustion for the first time will find the learning curve greatly reduced by reading Combustion 4 Fundamentals Courseware. This book earns a Strong Buy Recommendation." - Animation Artist Contents USING PAINT; Learning Paint Basics; Animating Text; Using Opera