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Communication Systems



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ISBN 9781259006852

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Communications engineering

TABLE OF CONTENTS 1. Introduction 2. Signals, Signal Spaces and Fourier Series 3. Fourier Transform and Signal Transmission Through Systems 4. Amplitude Modulation 5. Angle Modulation 6. Probability, Random Processes and Noise 7. Noise Performance of AM and FM Systems 8. Sampling and Analog Pulse Modulation 9. Digital Coding of Analog Signals (PCM and DM) 10. Digital Data Transmission Techniques--Baseband and Band Pass 11. Noise Performance of Digital Communication Systems 12. Information Theory and Source Coding 13. Error-Control Coding 14. Spread Spectrum Communication Systems 15. Multichannel Modulation--OFDM and DMT Appendix A Mathematical Formulae Appendix B Useful mathematical and physical constants Appendix C Fourier Transform Theorems and Transform Pairs Appendix D Hilbert Transform Pairs Appendix E Error Functions and Q-functions Appendix F Constrained Optimization using Lagrange Multipliers Appendix G Signal Fading and Diversity Reception