ISBN 9789350143599,Communication Systems

Communication Systems


Sanjay Sharma



S K Kataria And Sons

Publication Year 2012

ISBN 9789350143599

ISBN-10 9350143593


Number of Pages 1175 Pages
Language (English)

Communications engineering

Communication Systems: Analog And Digital is designed for undergraduate students of engineering. The book covers different theories in detail, with many examples, mathematical proofs, and illustrations.

Summary Of The Book

Communication Systems: Analog And Digital, published in 2012, is designed for students of Electronics and Communication Engineering. An analog system uses a continuous signal to represent information, whereas a digital system uses discontinuous discrete values instead.

This book covers the syllabus that has been prescribed at most Indian universities. The author starts off by explaining simple topics, and then moves onto complex ones. Readers are first introduced to this subject by learning about fundamental concepts of Communication Systems. With the use of probabilistic theory, this textbook covers topics such as Signal Analysis and Transmission, Amplitude and Angle Modulation. This helps in establishing a solid base to understand the probability theory used to explain upcoming topics. Some chapters include Performance of Communication Systems, Waveform Coding Techniques, Performance Analysis of Digital Communication Systems, and Error Control Coding.

Communication Systems: Analog And Digital comprehensively covers the latest developments in this field. Students learn about Global Positioning Systems (GPS), Spread-Spectrum systems, and Cellular Communication systems. The author had dedicated an entire chapter to new digital technologies like Video compression, SONET, ATM, and others. The author has maintained a good balance by including both theory as well as mathematics to explain all concepts. This combination helps students to understand Communication Systems thoroughly.

At the beginning of each chapter of Communication Systems: Analog And Digital, an outline is provided so that readers know what topics are covered in the upcoming section. Within the theory, key terms are highlighted for the benefit of the students. At the end of every chapter, the author has penned down summaries which list important points, making revision easier. In addition to this, short answer questions have also been included. This book is easy-to-read and is packed with many examples and illustrations. Additionally, short biographies of people who have contributed to the field of communication systems are also included. Communication Systems: Analog And Digital is an important book for anyone studying this engineering discipline.