ISBN 9780199458318,Communism in India : Events, Processes & Ideologies

Communism in India : Events, Processes & Ideologies



Oxford University Press

Publication Year 2015

ISBN 9780199458318

ISBN-10 0199458316


Number of Pages 336 Pages
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Political Science

In communism in India, Bidyut Chakrabarty-an expert on contemporary Indian political economy and social movements-presents a sweeping analysis of the changing nature of communist ideology over the past century in India.

The history and development of India's left movements are unique in that the country is home to two coexisting strands of modern communism. The first of these is the parliamentary communist party of India, which constituted the first democratically-elected Marxist government in the country. The parliamentary left subscribes to a social-democratic philosophy, turning to the traditional democratic institutions of governance in their quest to fulfill the Marxist - Leninist goal of establishing a classless society. The second, oppositional, strand is the revolutionary Maoist movement. This branch rejects parliamentary democracy as a means to altering class-relations, as they see the government as an elite organization dedicated to the status quo and age-old system of class exploitation.

Drawing on ethnographic field work conducted in Orissa, Chhattisgarh and West Bengal, Chakrabarty provides a contextual account of the rise, consolidation and decline of these two types of left radicalism. He looks at how it is that left ideology has coexisted with free-market-oriented economic policies, as well as the contexts in which more militant strands have taken root, particularly among the young in poorer districts.

About the Author

Bidyut Chakrabartyis professor of political science at Delhi university.
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Part I - Parliamentary Left in India
Chapter 1 - Parliamentary Left in Tripura - A Creative Blending of Ideology and Organization Prevailing Over Ethnic Division
Chapter 2 - Parliamentary Left in Kerala - A Creative Socio - Political Engineering of Governance
Chapter 3 - Parliamentary Left in West Bengal - Organizational Hegemony Established through an Ideological Churning
Chapter 4 - Parliamentary Left in West Bengal - A Nemesis Failing to Re - Kindle the Old Charm in Globalizing India

Part II - Left - Wing - Extremism in India
Chapter 5 - Genesis of Maoism in India
Chapter 6 - The Maoist Blueprint for Future India
Chapter 7 - Maoism - A Utopia Or Jacobean Reign of Terror?

Appendix : Party Constitution of the Communist Party of India (Maoist)
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