ISBN 9788131902110,Comparative Materia Medica

Comparative Materia Medica



B.Jain Publishing Pvt. Ltd

Publication Year 2006

ISBN 9788131902110

ISBN-10 8131902110


Number of Pages 553 Pages
Language (English)

Medical administration & management

This is one of the finer ways of understanding the distinct nature of each remedy and is also a step towards reducing the probability of error in our prescriptions. This work is one of classical works on comparison of drugs for their action on various organs and conditions. The books has comparisons at various levels beginning from differential of remedies for various conditions, comparisons of remedies which usually come up together for various conditions, comparisons of remedies of same stock where different remedies of same group have been discussed, comparisons of allied remedies and a last chapter on therapeutic hints for bed-side reference. It's a worth read and is like preparing for a sure-shot prescription.