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Comparative Morphology of Fungi


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Biotech Books

Publication Year 1999-07-01

ISBN 9788176220194

ISBN-10 8176220191


Number of Pages 701 Pages
Language English
It is aim of comparative morphology to follow the cytological development of the life cycle and through this book, the author aims at exposing how the cytological methods of investigation have enabled us to have a much clearer and deeper conception of many of the problems of comparative morphology. A rich bibliography offers references to over 1000 important works on the subject. Although many advances have taken place in our knowledge about comparative morphology during the last few decades, the present basic work still holds an enduring appeal for the scholars of botany. Contents Chapter 1: Introduction; Chapter 2: The Thallus; Chapter 3: Reproductive organs; Chapter 4: Sexual organs and sexuality; Chapter 5: Archimycetes; Olpidiaceae, Synchytriaceae, Plasmodiophoraceae, Woroninaceae; Chapter 6: Phycomycetes; Chapter 7: Chytridiales; Rhizidiaceae, Rhizophidieae, Entophlyeteae, Harpochytrieae, Chytridieae, Rhizidieae, Hyphochytriaceae, Cladochytriaceae; Chapter 8: Oomycetes; Monoblepharidaceae, Blastocladiaceae, Ancylistaceae, Saprolegniaceae, Leptomitaceae, Peronosporaceae; Chapter 9: Zygomycetes; Mucoraceae, Endogonaceae, Entomophthoraceae, Basidioboleae, Entomophthoreae; Chapter 10: Ascomycetes; Chapter 11: Hemiascomycetes-Endomycetales; Dipodaseaceae, Endomycetaceae, Saccharomycetaceae; Chapter 12: Taphrinales; Protomycetaceae, Taphirinaceae; Chapter 13: Euascomycetes-Plectascales; Gynoascaceae, Aspergillaceae, Onygenaceae, Trichocomaceae, Terferziaceae, Elaphomycetaceae; Chapter 14: Perisporiales; Erysiphaceae, Perisporiaceae, Englerulaceae; Chapter 15: Myriangiales; Myriangiaceae, Plectodiscellaceae, Saccardiaceae, Dothioraceae, Pseudosphaeriaceae; Chapter 16: Hypocreales; Chapter 17: Sphaeriales; Sordariaceae, Sphaeriaceae, Ceratostomataceae, Cucurbitariaceae, Coryneliaceae, Amphisphaeriaceae, Lophiostomataceae, Mycosphaerellaceae, Gnomoniaceae, Diatrypaceae, Diaporthaceae, Xylariaceae; Chapter 18: Dothideales; Dothideaceae, Phyllachoraceae; Chapter 19: Hys