Munshiram Manoharlal Publishers Pvt Ltd

Publication Year 1996

ISBN 9788121503105

ISBN-10 8121503108

Hard Back

Number of Pages 331 Pages
Language (English)

Religion: general

The monograph offers a comparative and constructive study of religions, viz., Hinduism, Buddhism, Christianity and Islam. The treatment of each part and principle of religion has been made in order to give an analytic view of them. The author shows that the different religions are the alternative path-ways to God-realization, and that an essential unity exists in them. By comparison of religions he arrives at their synthesis in a composite 'World Religion', which is a religion of unity-in-plurality. With the acceptance of spiritual experiences, incarnations and prophets, worship and prayer, and varied methods for salvation, a holistic religion of unity-in-diversity is in process of evolution. The work stands for unifying religions in a spiritualistic and humanistic composite 'World Religion.'

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