ISBN 9789380349923,Complete / Convenient: There is More to Men than Bromance

Complete / Convenient: There is More to Men than Bromance



Srishti Publishers & Distributors

Publication Year 2013

ISBN 9789380349923

ISBN-10 9380349920


Number of Pages 384 Pages
Language (English)

Urban Life

Complete / Convenient: There Is More To Men Than Bromance depicts a very strange contrast between India and other countries. It talks of developed countries, where the worries of everyday life like the chaotic traffic, the rush to complete work, the suffocating corruption and red tapism are virtually absent. A land where life is simpler, faster and gives one time for other luxuries.

The author explores the plot in the backdrop of the charming story of Kabir. Kabir has earned a promotion with great perseverance and care, one that takes him to Sydney. Kabir and his new wife enjoy the scintillating life Sydney has to offer. Ketan Bhagat describes the beautiful city well and carves the adventures of the lead character in detail. He details how Kabir leads a kingly life punctuated regularly with the relaxing experience of spending time on beaches. Bhagat describes the sweet romance, bitter office issues, and the picturesque landscape that dots the horizon.

The author quite subtly goes into the stage when Kabir starts missing his homeland, its nitty gritties and the slight unease of its crowded streets. Despite all the professional success and the new friends, he cannot let go of the memory of his homeland. Complete / Convenient: There Is More To Men Than Bromance compares the emotions of the NRIs and the Indians who reside in India. He points out the contrast in the way each section leads their life and how they envy each other because of that.

About Ketan Bhagat

Ketan Bhagat is a debut novelist and sales manager. Bhagat is a 35 years old, and belongs to the middle class strata of the society. He is settled in Mumbai. He has travelled to different places like Malaysia, Australia and New Zealand for work, before finally moving back to India. His book has been drawn from his own experiences. His brother is Chetan Bhagat, India's best selling author.