ISBN 9789380853413,Complex Analysis for Mathematics and Engineering, 6th/E

Complex Analysis for Mathematics and Engineering, 6th/E



Jones And Bartlett India Pvt

Publication Year 2011

ISBN 9789380853413

ISBN-10 9380853416


Edition 6th edition
Number of Pages 646 Pages
Language (English)

Educational: Mathematics & numeracy

Key Features/Quotes New material on the origin of complex numbers New exercises help students work through and understand key concepts The essential details of residues and conformal mappings are included A chapter on z-transforms illustrates the area of digital signal filtering Applications include steady state temperatures, fluid flow, and electrostatics Fourier series are used to solve the Dirichlet problem in the unit disk Solutions to the odd-numbered problems are included as an appendix Additional exercises using Maple and Mathematica are available online About the Book: Complex Analysis for Mathematics & Engineering Complex Analysis for Mathematics and Engineering, Sixth Edition, is designed for an undergraduate course taken by students majoring in mathematics, physics, or engineering. The new edition of this classic text maintains continuity with the previous edition, and retains all of the standard content for a first course in complex analysis. The prerequisite is a background of calculus, but no prior experience with complex variables is required. The authors cover all necessary theoretical concepts and illustrate proofs with practical applications. Their presentation style is enjoyable for students to read. This textbook can be used at the junior/senior level. The authors are careful when presenting sequences of logical steps involved in theoretical discussions, because these steps must be closely mimicked when a complex variable technique is applied in constructing the solution to a problem. Indeed, they point out that many of the computational problems can be solved with computer algebra systems such as Mathematica and Maple, but that understanding the logical flow of a solution is of the utmost importance. Contents Chapter 1: Complex Numbers -The Origin of Complex Numbers-The Algebra of Complex Numbers-The Geometry of Complex Numbers-The Geometry of Complex Numbers, Continued-The Algebra of Complex umbers, Revisited-The Topology of Complex Numbers