ISBN 9788183327282,Comprehension & More 1

Comprehension & More 1


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Ratna Sagar P. Ltd.

Publication Year 2009

ISBN 9788183327282

ISBN-10 8183327281


Language (English)
Comprehension and More is a revised edition of My Big Book of Comprehension. It now has a new size, new look and revised content. Themes are related to areas that interest children. Topics of modern concern and interest, such as, the history and purpose of Earth Day celebrations, the Nobel Prize for the environment, and dangerous junk orbiting in space! Development of skills of skimming, scanning, inferencing and evaluating. Word attack skills are also developed. Uses new methods of facilitating comprehension; especially visual and diagrammatic aids. Teaches how to write well by showing the steps one should know to write for different tasks such as, essays, reports, messages, e-mails and so on. Conversation tasks to aid comprehension and build confidence in spoken English. Also available Teacher's Handbooks and Web support on the ELT Virtual Resource Centre