ISBN 9788183485913,Comprehensive English Grammar & Composition

Comprehensive English Grammar & Composition


SC Gupta



Arihant Publication

Publication Year 2012

ISBN 9788183485913

ISBN-10 818348591X


Number of Pages 618 Pages
Language (English)

Entrance Exam Preparation

Table Of Contents Comprehensive English Grammar & Compositions Part-I 1. You Should Know! Basics of English Language Grammatical Terms of English Language Elementary Questions About English Language 2. Articles Important rules relating to use of Articles Spotting the Errors Exercises 3. The Rules and Sequence of Tense Important rules relating to use of Tenses Exercises Sequence of Tense Spotting the Errors 4. Noun Important rules relating to use of Nouns Spotting the Errors Exercises 5. Pronouns Important rules relating to use of Pronouns Spotting the Errors Exercises 6. Adjectives and Determiners Some Important Determiners and Adjectives Father/ Farthest and Further /Furthest Later/Latest/Latter/Last Less, Fewer and Lesser More Than/Over Bad versus Badly Oral/Verbal Near/Next Each/Every/Either/Neither Few/A Few/The Few Another/Other/Others/Else Elder, Eldest; Older, Oldest Many and Much Taller than I/Me Good Versus Well Either/Both Due to / Owing to Some/Any Little/A Little/The Little Whole/All First/Foremost Important Rules Relating to use of Adjectives Exercises Spotting the Errors 7. Adverb Some Important Adverbs: Fairly and Rather Hardly, Scarcely, Barely Since and Ever Since Badly and Well Too and Too Much Much and Very Much Hard and Hardly Yet and Still Somehow, Anyhow Too Far, Farther, Farthest and Further, Furthest Much and Very Quite : Has two Meanings Enough Dead and Deadly Easy and Easily Right and Rightly Late and Lately Seldom Close and Closely Direct and Directly High and Highly Just and Justly Position of Adverbs Exercises Spotting the Errors 8. The Verb Transitive and Intransitive Auxiliary Verbs ?To have? form One Principal Verb + Two Auxiliaries Inchoative Verbs Causative Verbs ?To be? from ?To do? from Linking Verbs Exercises 9. Modals Exercise 10. Subject- Verb Agreement Rules of Correct use of Verbs Inversion Exercise Spotting the Errors 11. Non-Finites Infinitive Important Rules Split Infinitives Gerund Specific use of Gerund : Rules Exercises Participle Some Important rules How to correct this sentence? Spotting the errors Unattached or Dandling Participles Exercises 12. Reported Speech General Rules Specific Rules: Interrogative sentences Imperative sentences Emphatic Imperative (Use of ?Do?) Sentences Beginning with ?Let? Optative Sentences Exclamatory sentences Miscellaneous Sentences Exercises Imperative and Tag Question Specific Points about Reported Speech Spotting the errors 13. Active Passive Voice Rules to Change the Voice: Interrogative Sentences Imperative Sentences Miscellaneous Structures Spotting the Errors Passive Without Agent Passive of Infinitive Exercise 14. Prepositions Rules relating to Prepositions Some Important Prepositions At/In and On On / To/ Onto Since / For / From Below / Under / Beneath Ago / Before Between / Among Of / Off Make of / Make from Opposite / In front of Prepositions Omitted Appropriate Prepositions Spotting the Errors At / In/ To/ Into With/ By During/ For In/ Within Beside/ Besides Among/ Amongst Above/ Over In/ With Ellipsis in Preposition Use of Some Prepositions Exercises 15. Conjunctions Kinds of Conjunctions Subordinating Conjunctions Conjunctive adverbs Exercises Use of Coordinating Conjunctions Correlative Conjunctions Some Conjunctions and their Uses Spotting the Errors 16. Translation of Sentences Ways of Transforming Interchanging degree of Adjective Interchange of affirmative and Negative Sentences Interchange of Assertive and Interrogative Sentences Interchange of Exclamatory and Assertive sentences Interchange Parts of Speech Conversion of Simple / Compound / Complex Sentences Exercise 17. Conditionals If Clause is in Present Tense If Clause is in ?Past Perfect tense? If Clause is in Past Tense Other Type of Conditional Sentences Exercises 18. Un-English and Superfluous Expressions Superfluous Expressions & Unnecessary Wordiness 19. Formation of Words Various ways of formations of words Conversion of Words : One form into Another Exercises 20. Spelling Rules Basic Spelling Rules List of Commonly Misspelt Words Spelling : British and American Exercises 21. Sentence Structure and Analysis Sentence Kinds of Subordinate Clause Simple/Compound/Complex/Mixed Sentence Clauses Exercise 22. Synthesis of Sentences Synthesis of Simple sentence Synthesis of Complex sentence Synthesis of Compound Sentences Part ?II Essential Word Power Synonyms Antonyms One Word Substitute Phrasal Verbs Related Pairs of Words Related Pairs of Words Homonyms Idioms and Phrases Some Important Proverbs Specific Use of Proverbs Use of Words : Good and Bad sense Paronyms Restricted Phrases Phobias Manias Sound and Cries Homes and Adobes Important Group Terms Male, Female and Young Ones (Animals) Foreign Words Spotting the Errors Part ? III Specific Exercises for competitive Examinations Exercise : Synonyms & Antonyms Exercise : Choosing Appropriate Words Double Blanks in a sentence Exercise : Ordering the Sentences Sentences Improvement or Phrase Substitution Cloze Test/ Passage Part-IV Compositional English 23. Report Writing What is Report? Solved Examples Essential of Good Report Original Reports taken from Newspapers 24. Comprehension Important Techniques Right approach to answer the questions Solved examples 25. The Art of Writing Expansions and Paragraphs Learn the art of writing an Elegant ?Precis? What is a Precis? How to write a Good Precis? One Word Substitution Essentials of a Good Precis Art of Reducing the Words Examples and Exercises 26. The Art of Writing Expansions and Paragraphs Expansions How to write an Expansion? Some Important Tips What is an Expansion? Examples Paragraphs What is a Paragraph Some Important Tips Examples 27. Letter writing How to Write Good Letters? Personal Letters Official Letters Applications & Complaints Complaints and Letters to the Editor Punctuating Letters Business Letters Memorandums 28. Essay Writing How to Write an Excellent Essay? Some ?Tips? on Writing an Excellent Essay 51 Essay