ISBN 9780070671041,Comprehensive Stress Management

Comprehensive Stress Management



Tata Mcgraw Hill Education Private Limited

Publication Year 2009

ISBN 9780070671041

ISBN-10 0070671044


Edition 10th
Language (English)

Stress & fracture

This book is written in a more personal, informal manner than most and is organized to consider stress as a function of situations in life that, when perceived as distressing, result in emotional and physiological arousal. There is an abundance of scientific and statistical information in this book, but it hangs on to anecdote, humor, and personal experience to breathe life into its content. Key Features Text combines an informal, personal approach with scientific information, research, and theory to provide students with a comprehensive guide to managing stress Text appeals to students of all backgrounds, with separate chapters on diversity and stress, occupational stress, stress and the college student, family stress, spirituality and stress, and stress and older adults Text includes relevant national health objectives for physical fitness and diversity from Healthy People 2010 Getting Involved in Your Community? boxes challenge students to apply content to community projects TABLE OF CONTENTS Part One: Scientific Foundations 1. What is Stress? 2. Stress Psychophysiology 3. Stress and Illness/Disease Part Two: General Applications: Life Situation and Perception Interventions 4. Intervention 5. Life-Situation Interventions: Intrapersonal 6. Life-Situation Interventions: Interpersonal 7. Perception Interventions 8. Spirituality and Stress Part Three: General Applications: Relaxation Techniques 9. Meditation 10. Autogenic Training and Imagery 11. Progressive Relaxation 12. Other Relaxation Techniques Part Four: General Applications: Physiological Arousal and Behavior Change Interventions 13. Physiological Arousal Interventions: Exercise 14. Strategies for Decreasing Stressful Behaviors 15. Diversity and Stress Part Five: Specific Applications 16. Occupational Stress 17. Stress and the College Student 18. Family Stress 19. Stress and Older Adults Appendix A: Stress Information Resources Appendix B: Stress Management Audio and Video Tapes