ISBN 9780070141797,Computer Architecture & Organization

Computer Architecture & Organization



Tata McGraw - Hill Education

Publication Year 2009

ISBN 9780070141797

ISBN-10 0070141797


Edition 2nd
Language (English)


The book is intended to provide an introduction to Computer Organisation and Architecture. In keeping with the basic approach of all schaums series books, this book aims to help the students develop their problem solving skills. The plethora of solved examples and practice questions in the book enables the stiudents to get a intutive grasp on the subject. Salient features New sections on Register Transfer, Micro-operation, and Auxiliary Memory, Flynn?s Classification of Parallel Processing, and Secondary Storage. Coverage of latest concepts like; Memory stick, SD Card, Flash Memory. Tutorial based treatment-deals with important concepts through solved examples and solved problems to master the problem-solving skills. Rich Pedagogy includes: Solved Examples: 251 Solved Problems: 316 Object Type Questions: 195 Unsolved Problems: 164 Table of content :- 1. Introduction 2. Computer Organization 3. Computer Arithmetic 4. Instruction Sets And The Processor Organizations 5. Basic Processing Unit Register Transfer Language, Microoperations, Hardwired And Microprogrammed Control Unit Organizations 6. Instruction Pipelining And Parallel Processing 7. Instruction Level Parallelism-Vliw, Vector, Array And Multithreaded Processors And Using Parallel Optimizing Compiler 8. The Memory System 9. Caches 10. Virtual Memory 11. Input/Output Organization 12. Multiprocessor Architectures Index