ISBN 9780071329859,Computer Concepts And Programming In C

Computer Concepts And Programming In C



Tata Mcgraw Hill Education Private Limited

Publication Year 2011

ISBN 9780071329859

ISBN-10 0071329854


Edition 3rd
Language (English)

Programming languages||

Written by one of the pioneers of computer education in India, this text is designed for the first-year engineering and MCA students of UPTU. It offers complete coverage of UPTU syllabus in easy-tounderstand language. Salient Features Chapter organization and coverage precisely as per UPTU syllabus Detailed discussion on topics including Operators and Expressions, I/O Operators and Arrays Includes latest solved UPTU question papers TABLE OF CONTENTS 1. Fundamentals of Computers 2. Computing Concepts 3. Overview of C 4. Constants, Variables and Data Types 5. Managing Input and Output Operations 6. Operators and Expressions 7. Decision Making and Branching 8. Decision Making and Looping 9. Arrays 10. Character Arrays and Strings 11. User - Defined Functions 12. Structures and Unions 13. Pointers 14. Dynamic Memory Allocation and Linked 15. File Management in C 16. The Standard C Preprocessor