ISBN 9789332518711,Computer Graphics With Opengl

Computer Graphics With Opengl



Pearson India

Publication Year 2014

ISBN 9789332518711

ISBN-10 9332518718


Edition 4th
Number of Pages 820 Pages
Language (English)

Computer Engineering

Computer Graphics With Opengl Is A Complete Reference For Undergraduates And Professional Computer Science Engineers. The Book Has Been Prepared With A Graduate-Level One-Semester Course In Mind, Covering The Basics Of The Subject And Explaining Two-Dimensional And Three-Dimensional Graphics In An Integrated Approach. It Also Covers Geometric Transformations, Hierarchical Modelling, Splines, Global Illumination, Shaders And Algorithmic Modelling Among Other Topics. It Is An Indispensable Resource For All Professionals And Undergraduates Working With Opengl.

About The Authors

Donald D. Hearn Is A Faculty Member Of The University Of Illinois At Urbana-Champaign. He Has Taught A Large Variety Of Courses Covering Computer Graphics, Scientific Visualization, Computational Science, Mathematics, And Applied Science.

M. Pauline Baker Is A Member Of The Computer Science Department And The School For Informatics At Indiana University-Purdue University. A Distinguished Scientist And The Director Of The Pervasive Technology Lab For Visualization And Interactive Spaces, She Regularly Collaborates With Researchers On The Usage Of Computer Graphics And Virtual Reality To Explore Scientific Data.

Warren R. Carithers Is An Associate Professor Of Computer Science At The Rochester Institute Of Technology. A Graduate Of The University Of Kansas, He Is The First Faculty Member Of The Computer Science Department To Receive The Eisenhart Award For Outstanding Teaching.

Table Of Contents : -
1. Computer Graphics Hardware
2. Computer Graphics Software
3. Graphics Output Primitives
4. Attributes Of Graphics Primitives
5. Implementation Algorithms For Graphics Primitives And Attributes
6. Two - Dimensional Geometric Transformations
7. Two - Dimensional Viewing
8. Three - Dimensional Geometric Transformations
9. Three - Dimensional Viewing
10. Hierarchical Modeling
11. Computer Animation
12. Three - Dimensional Object Representations
13. Spline Representations
14. Visible - Surface Detection Methods
15. Illumination Models And Surface - Rendering Methods
16. Texturing And Surface - Detail Methods
17. Color Models And Color Applications
18. Interactive Input Methods And Graphical User Interfaces
19. Global Illumination
20. Programmable Shaders
21. Algorithmic Modeling
22. Visualization Of Data Sets

A: Mathematics For Computer Graphics
B: Graphics File Formats