ISBN 9788176566094,Computer Networks

Computer Networks




BPB Publications



BPB Publications

Publication Year 2002

ISBN 9788176566094

ISBN-10 8176566098


Number of Pages 360 Pages
Language (English)

Computer Engineering

Description:       This book describes,lucidly,asynchronous and synchrouous,data,multiplexers,radio waves propagation,VHF,microwaves,VSAT and satellite communication links and data transmission modes,in such a manner,that students of science.arts or commerece streams can understand these technical subjects easilyData modem,multichannel data communication and pulse code modulation are dealt in detail,data networks and topolotgy-both logical and physical-are described followed by a large number of understanding. Most of these topics are included in the curriculum of BCA,B.E.Courses in computer science and electronics as well as in MCA,AMIE,IETE,GNIIT courses and also in diploma courses conducted by technical boards of education.It is hopped that this book will serve the dual purpose-a textbook for all these courses and an extremely useful reference source for experienced electronic engineers and computer professionals.       Table of contents:       Chapter  1        Basic concepts   Chapter  2        OSI and TCP/IP Models   Chapter  3        Digital transmission interfaces and modems   Chapter  4        Transmission Media   Chapter  5        Introduction to signals   Chapter  6        Encoding and modulation   Chapter  7        Multiplexing   Chapter  8        Datalink control protocols   Chapter  9        Lans and mans   Chapter 10        Switching   Chapter 11        Point to point protocols   Chapter 12        Intergrated services digital network(ISDN)