ISBN 9780070669093,Computing Fundamentals And C Programming

Computing Fundamentals And C Programming



Tata McGraw - Hill Education

Publication Year 2008

ISBN 9780070669093

ISBN-10 0070669090


Number of Pages 520 Pages
Language (English)

Functional programming

Computing Fundamentals And C Programming is a comprehensive book on C programming and computing fundamentals. Summary Of The Book E Balagurusamy's Computing Fundamentals And C Programming is an all-inclusive book that follows the course structure wherein programming is mixed with fundamentals. It deals with the basics of computers as well as C programming issues with in-depth details. So, this book is for those who looking forward to get introduced to computing or fundamentals of computers. Written in a simple language, the book covers complete syllabus in an organized manner and provides detailed practical applications for better understanding. The author focuses on explaining the computer fundamentals as they are preliminary for any beginner of C Programming. These fundamentals of computers are covered in two units. Moreover, the author has also included comprehensive explanation of Microsoft Office suite of software like MS Excel and MS Word. One of the salient features of this book is that it provides exhaustive coverage of Operators, Expressions, Flowcharts, and Algorithms. The author has explained the crucial concepts with the help of numerous illustrations and screen shots so that students can have a better grasp of the basics of computing. The chapter on Algorithms and Flowcharts has been designed in such a way that it will help students expand their program writing skills. Computing Fundamentals And C Programming is an ideal reference book for engineering students of first and second year, beginners, computer science students, professionals preparing for interviews, and for all those who wish to learn more about C programming. It comes loaded with 111 solved examples, an abundance of solved multiple choice questions, more than 150 programming exercises, and over 200 review questions. Thus, it ensures that students not only understand the concepts of computing but with the help of examples and illustrations also internalize them. About E Balagurusamy E Balagurusamy is a prolific writer, teacher, consultant, and trainer in the fields of Management and Information Technology. Apart from Computing Fundamentals And C Programming, E Balagurusamy has authored several other books in the fields of management and Information Technology. These include Programming with Java, Object Oriented Programming With C++, Numerical Methods, Reliability Engineering, Fundamentals of Computers, Basic Computation and Principles of Computer Programming, and many others. E Balagurusamy is a Member of Union Public Service Commission. He completed his post-graduation in ME (Hons) in Electrical Engineering and later went for a Ph.D. from IIT Roorkee in Systems Engineering. He has worked as the Vice Chancellor of Anna University, Chennai. For his invaluable contributions, he has been honored with several awards. His name is listed in the Directory of Distinguished Leaders in Education and also in the Directory of Who's Who of Intellectuals. TABLE OF CONTENTS Chapter 1. Fundamentals of Computers Chapter 2. Computing Concepts Chapter 3. Overview of C Chapter 4. Managing Input and Output Operations Chapter 5. Operators and Expressions Chapter 6. Decision Making and Branching Chapter 7. Decision Making and Looping Chapter 8. User-Defined Functions Chapter 9. Arrays Chapter 10. Character Arrays and Strings Chapter 11. Pointers Chapter 12. Structures and Unions Chapter 13. File Management in C Appendix A : Database Management Systems Appendix B : Introduction to Data Structures