ISBN 9789350571538,Concise Dictionary Of Idioms, Phrases, Proverbs, Similies and Meataphors

Concise Dictionary Of Idioms, Phrases, Proverbs, Similies and Meataphors


V & S Publishers



V & S Publishers

Publication Year 2014

ISBN 9789350571538

ISBN-10 9350571536


Number of Pages 540 Pages
Language (English)

Grammar & Composition

This authoritative dictionary is designed to help readers expand vocabulary and language skills to reach appreciative levels and then exceed that! Hence, pick up the various ways to explain the meaning of idioms, phrases and proverbs, besides interpreting figurative language, such as metaphors and similes.The volume is composed of four separate sections 1. Idioms, 2. Phrases, 3. Proverbs and 4. Metaphors and Similes Key FeaturesSentences focused on figurative language and sayingsIncludes common idioms, popular phrases, witty proverbs, metaphors and similes.Contains hyperbole and adages at appropriate placesOrganized into A-Z format with sentences at easy and moderate levelsAllows readers to develop and then apply new skills of expressionAligns to the English and Foreign words currently in popular use Benefits Produces a complete understanding of common idiomsProvides recognizing the meaning of popular phrasesEncourages readers to understand and relate to witty proverbsDevelops the ability to use metaphors and similesIntroduces adage and hyperboleImproves vocabulary and enhances knowledge of word meaningsPolishes persuasive, descriptive and narrative writing skills