ISBN 9789350571231,Concise Dictionary of Management

Concise Dictionary of Management


V & S Publishers



V & S Publishers

Publication Year 2014

ISBN 9789350571231

ISBN-10 9350571234


Number of Pages 328 Pages
Language (English)


This dictionary of management includes the main terminology used in business, plus many more frequently used expressions found in business and management. The definitions are designed to be quick, easy, precise and accurate and have been produced in alphabetical order from A - Z. This concise dictionary will meet all your needs on management terminology, theories, definitions from various fields of business and management, including jargon, abbreviations and more, in fact any of the vocabulary you might expect to find in a dictionary of this kind. All important terms connected with Marketing Finance Human resources Managerial economics Organisational behaviour etc are covered. Another important feature is the inclusion of leading personalities, organisations and their contributions. Due to relative and growing importance, one chapter has been attributed on the subject of 'management theory and principles'. Illustrations and examples, where appropriate, have been added. Even for an average reader, who has not made a special study of commerce subjects, explanations of terms will be found to be easily comprehensible.