ISBN 9789351720492,Concise General Knowledge 2016

Concise General Knowledge 2016



Kalinjar Publications

Publication Year 2014

ISBN 9789351720492

ISBN-10 9351720497


Number of Pages 148 Pages
Language (English)

General Knowledge

Useful for school, college and other competitive examinations.
Table of contents :-
History of India and the World
Indian History - Important Dates
Important Foreign Travelers / Envoys
Governor - General and Viceroys
Important Congress Session
Books of Freedom Struggle
Newspapers and Journals of Freedom Struggle
Post - Congress Nationalist Organizations
Labor and Trade Union Organizations
World History - Important Dates
Indian Polity and Governance
Articles of the Constitution (Including Schedules)
Indian Polity and Governance
Important Constitutional of India
Union, State and Concurrent List
Jurisdiction and Seat of High Courts
Offices Under Government of India
Geography of India and the World
Important Rivers / Lakes of the World
Indian States and their Folk Dances
Wildlife Sanctuaries and National Parks in India
Important Irrigation and Power Projects
Towns Associated with Some Important Industries
River Side Cities
Important Lines and Boundaries
National Highways
Zonal Railways
Oceans of the World
Geographical Facts about Nations of the World
Rivers and Lakes
Geography - Hall of Fame
Geographical Sobriquets
Highest Waterfalls of the World
Biggest, Highest and Largest in the World
Highest Mountain Peaks of the World
Races and Tribes
List of Biosphere Reserves
World Economy
Financial Committees
Working Groups
General Science
Scientific Instruments
S. I. Units
Milestones in Medicine
Inventions and Discoveries
Animal Disease, Human Disease and Deficiency Disease
National Organization
International Organization
Sports and Games
Olympic Games
Sports and Games
Asian Games
World Cup Football
Commonwealth Games
Hockey World Cup
South Asian Federation (SAF) Games
Trophies and Cups
Places Associated with Sports
General Knowledge
Countries of the World
Disputed Area
New Names / Old Names
Popular Names of Eminent Persons (Sobriquets)
Famous Tourist Spots of India
Famous Sites of World
Wonders of the World
National Emblems of Countries
Official Books and Papers
Parliament of Different Countries
Important Days and International Years
First in India and World
Awards and Honor's International
Prime Minister's Shram Award
Books and Authors
Indian Works of Different Languages
Musical Instruments and their Exponents
Objective Questions