ISBN 9789384028374,Confess it!! Because Sometimes There is No Tomorrow

Confess it!! Because Sometimes There is No Tomorrow


Parul Sharma



Omji Publishing House

Publication Year 2015

ISBN 9789384028374

ISBN-10 9384028371


Number of Pages 232 Pages
Language (English)


The one man type gal Rohini becomes friends with a 'cool and refulgent guy' Raj, who has a dark past.

They drive through the hardships and celebrate the triumph together until one weak moment when emotions pop out and feelings take the shape of words.

Time changes abruptly and so does the flow of conversations.

The sweet conversations that were someday full of compliments are now full of blunt remarks.

The flattering lines are replaced by word wars - blushes by edacious tears - jokes by satires.

Is there something Rohini should have known about Raj? How long can someone wait for the right moment and the right person?

This perennial love saga would strengthen your belief in the power of immortal love.

Afraid of relationships??

Fear of losing the friendship??

Running from commitments??

Lack of courage to speak your heart??

Don't, because sometime there is no tomorrow.

So go, go and confess it!!

About the Author

Parul Sharma is a techno savvy girl who has been working in the multinational IT firms for 4.6 years as an IT Professional. She was the young Professional ambassador of Teach for India. With the blog that maintains a collection of 30 poems, Parul has slowly stepped towards the literary world. Her passion for writing grew with time and it was then she realized her zeal to follow the words of her heart. Blessed with the three B's of Brain, Boldness and beauty, Parul has always been a love guru for her friend circle. Her sensible approach to solve the relationship issues makes her every body's favorite. She is a strong believer of the fact - 'Smile is the simplest answer to any arduous question in this world'.