ISBN 9788190505062,Confession Of A Murderer

Confession Of A Murderer



Narendra Publishing House

Publication Year 2010

ISBN 9788190505062

ISBN-10 8190505068

Hard Back

Language (English)


First published in this country in 1937, and long unavailable in English, Confession of a Murder is a subtle, profoundly moral masterpiece by one of the greatest European novelists of the century, and a terrifying insight into the insidious, corrupting powers of jealousy, ambition and unrequited love. An exile in Paris since the Revolution, the narrator tells of how he grew up, the son of a forester, in the knowledge that his real father was the dissolute,powerful Prince Karpotkin; of his futile, begging visit to the Prince in his enormous white place by the sea near Odessa, and his obsessive hatred for Kropotkin's legitimate son; of his wretched, destructive passion for Lutetia, the heartless Paris mannequin; of his enrolment in the Ochrana, the Tsar's dreaded secret police, and the betrayal of the innocent in the cause of his twin obsessions; of the devilish, ubiquitous Jeno Lakatos-dandified, limping, reeking of violets, the emissary from Hell who leads him into the realms of the eternally lost. Vivid, compelling, combining a detailed evocation of per-revolutionary Russia with the moral truths of a parable, Confession of Murder is a supreme embodiment of Joseph Roth's belief that' a man's private life, simple humanity, is more important, greater, more tragic, than all the public affairs in world.' About the Author Joseph Roth (1894-1939) was brought up on the eastern frontiers of the Austro-Hungarian Empire; he spent time in Russia during the First World War and later as a journalist. He left Germany in 1933 and settled in France, where he became a central figure in the intellectual opposition to the Nazis. His novels include Job: The Story of a Simple Man and The Emperor's Tomb and The Radetzky March.