ISBN 9788178221571,Conscious Healing: Visualisations to Boost Your Immune System

Conscious Healing: Visualisations to Boost Your Immune System



New Age Books

Publication Year 2003

ISBN 9788178221571

ISBN-10 8178221578


Number of Pages 197 Pages
Language (English)


The crucial question explored in this bok is:Can we as human beings consciously act to help ourselves recover rapidly from sickness or injury? And if so, what are the most effective mindbody techniques for accelerating the recovery process? Based on new medical research and on their extraordinary success in teaching sick people how to activate and balance their own immune systems, therapist authoirs ofer 12 mind-body methods that provide anyone suffering from an illness or injury.
About Author :
John Selby studied at Princeton, the University of California, the San Fancisco Theological Seminary and the Radix Institute. H ehas researched at the New Jersey Neuropsychiatric Institute, the Bureau of Research in Neurology and Psychiatry, and the NI of health.
Manfred Von Luhamann, MD became the Director of the Psychosomatic Cancer Clinic, in Kassel, Germany. He and John Selby developed the basic programmes discussed in this book whilst in practice together.
Contents :
The Balance Of Health
Mind-Body Integration
Anxiety And Immune System Dysfunctions
Cellular Connections
Emotions And The Immune System
Neurological Connections
Proper Foods For Recovery