ISBN 9788132113492,Consciousness Quest : Where East Meets West: On Mind, Meditation, and Neural Correlates

Consciousness Quest : Where East Meets West: On Mind, Meditation, and Neural Correlates


J P Das



SAGE Publications Ltd

Publication Year 2014

ISBN 9788132113492

ISBN-10 8132113497

Hard Back

Number of Pages 336 Pages
Language (English)


Consciousness is an active area of both philosophical debates and scientific research. Consciousness Quest, rather than covering the broad spectrum of consciousness spread over multiple scientific disciplines, refocuses the quest for consciousness on a specific area where Eastern contemplative traditions, mostly in Hindu and Buddhist theories of mind, meet Western empirical research. This book is an introduction to current scientific thinking and research on consciousness and at the same time acquaints readers with the spectrum of classical and modern philosophical notions on consciousness. Was this product information helpful? Yes No TABLE OF CONTENTS Foreword K Ramakrishna Rao Preface and Acknowledgments Introduction Concept of Consciousness and Indian Theories of Mind Cognition, Neuropsychology and Consciousness Experience of Consciousness - Eastern Phenomenology Explanations from Neuroscience Consciousness and Meditation - At the Intersection of Eastern Traditions and Neuroscience Foundations of Mindfulness Interpretations of Mindfulness A Comparison of Two Cognitive Processing Models: The Abhidhamma and PASS Contemporary Western Research - From Julian Jaynes to Eckhart Tolle Talking about Consciousness, Self-knowledge, Access and Sentience Materialism and Behaviorism in Eastern Philosophy and Western Psychology Material Basis of Consciousness Origin and Uses of Consciousness - In the Beginning is its End Hard Problems - Legacy of Ancient Times Bibliography Index