ISBN 9780136958598,Construction Project Management

Construction Project Management



Prentice Hall

Publication Year 1999

ISBN 9780136958598

ISBN-10 0136958591


Number of Pages 395 Pages
Language (English)

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This text focuses on the scope of the skills necessary to propel today's construction project manager into the forefront of the profession. It defines the dynamics of people coming together for one project, explores the specific technical, political, and regulatory complexities of the project itself and explains how to effectively utilize management tools to harness this volatile environment to produce a successful project. A combination of theory and practical reality creates a dynamic interchange and learning foundation for students.

Salient Features

Three-part coverage--Examines the industry and profession; the project itself; and provides the management tools necessary to effectively manage the people and the project.
Introduces students to an in-depth overview of the industry's nature and a project's elements--with a focus on the early participation of the construction professional (during the design process)--as the industry experiences expansion in this area.
Comprehensive and current!
Provides students with up-to-date industry topics, and better addresses the overall theory involved in the successful management of a construction project.
Sidebars authored by industry leaders.
Gives students more of a real-world perspective, and information on the skills practitioners need to be successful in an increasingly competitive environment, making the job they are preparing for more real and the material they are studying more relevant.
Photography, illustrations, charts, and diagrams.
Reinforces concepts with visually appealing support of the text.
Chapter exercises and review questions.
Allows students to practice navigating in an environment rich with the political, professional, and personal motivations of others, and test their understanding of the tools involved in doing so. Prepares students for the working world.
A chapter on safety--A topic often overlooked in other texts.
Explains the importance of a good safety program to the financial and environmental health of the company and workers.