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Contract Law



Cambridge University Press

Publication Year 2011

ISBN 9781107662810

ISBN-10 1107662818

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Number of Pages 798 Pages
Language (English)

Business law

This textbook takes a fresh approach to contract law; as a first edition it reflects the subject in the 21st century more accurately than other texts. Comprehensive and scholarly, it maps the curriculum perfectly but detailed references and further reading sections encourage students to explore the subject further. Understanding is paramount and chapter introductions clearly guide students through the material. The textbook takes an innovative approach to case law: breaking down and discussing individual elements of a case and selecting short key extracts it gives students the tools to read cases independently and with confidence. An examination of the historical and theoretical foundations of the subject and a concluding chapter tracking emerging fields ensure the broadest possible perspective. Discussion of key recent cases such as Durham Tess Valley Airport (2010) and Chartbrook (2009) make this important new text a must for contract law students.

Table of Contents
Part I. Introduction
1. Main features of contract law
Part II. Formation
2. The pre-contractual phase
3. Offer and acceptance
4. Certainty
Part III. Consideration and Intent to Create Legal Relations
5. Consideration and estoppel
6. Intent to create legal relations
Part IV. Third Parties and Assignment
7. Third parties
8. Assignment
Part V. Vitiating Elements
9. Misrepresentation
10. Mistake
11. Duress, undue influence, and unconscionability
Part VI. Terms and Interpretation
12. Terms in general
13. Implied terms
14. Interpretation and rectification of written contracts
15. Exclusion clauses
Part VII. Breakdown and Liability
16. Frustration
17. Breach and performance
Part VIII. Remedies for Breach
18. Judicial remedies for breach of contract
19. Consensual remedies for breach of contract: liquidated damages and deposits
Part IX. Illegality and Public Policy
20. Illegality and public policy
Part X. The Future
21. International and European soft law codes lessons for English law

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