ISBN 9788192896113,Contractor The Legendary Contract Of Vento

Contractor The Legendary Contract Of Vento




Publication Year 2014

ISBN 9788192896113

ISBN-10 8192896110


Language (English)

Literature & Fiction

The World of Gara... A mystical and futuristic world revolving around mystical objects known as Contracts. Controlled by inner energy, known as ki, these contracts are much sought after. An attack on the village of Vento by The Dark Alliance in their search for a certain legendary Z- grade contract brings forth the discovery of a young boy with an unusually high ki. The leader of the Dark Alliance, General Malva, sought to use this boy's potential and let him control the Z grade contract. But in a moment of chaos, the boy miraculously completes a contract with not one, but two legendary contracts. This marks the beginning of the amazing tale of Sora, as he is rescued from The Dark Alliance's clutches by the S- rank contractor, Kai from the guild, Lucifer's Fall, who agrees to help him gain complete control of his newly found powers. Embarking on a ludicrous quest, Sora is forced to overcome inexplicable dangers, making friends and enemies along the way, as he strives to become stronger... all for the sake of a single promise to the people of Vento... To avenge their death.