ISBN 9788183481359,Conversation Skills For All Occassions(E/H)

Conversation Skills For All Occassions(E/H)


SC Gupta



Arihant Publication

Publication Year 2012

ISBN 9788183481359

ISBN-10 8183481353


Edition 1st
Number of Pages 400 Pages
Language (English)

Entrance Exam Preparation

Key Features The book is divided into five parts viz., Practical Conversations, Use of Grammatical and Structural English, Pronunciation, Group Discussion and Interview. 'Practical Conversations' includes the practical conversation of our day-to-day life, Bilingual Conversations, Expressions used in daily life and sentences used in various fields. 'Use of Grammatical & Structural English' contains importance of question framing, various grammatical notations concepts and various structures used in conversation. 'Pronunciation' helps to gain your knowledge on the correct speaking of word. 'Group Discussions' includes various sample Group Discussions which helps you to understand the procedure of GD 'Interview' includes the number of model interviews which completely prepare you to face an interview. About the Book: Conversation Skills for All Occassions(E/H) Contents 1. PART-I Practical Conversations 2. Part-A Bilingual Conversations in Various Situations Between a father and a son Between two students Between a new student and the teacher Between an uncle and a boy Between two brothers Between a father and a son Between two friends At a garment shop Between a patient and a doctor Between two college girls Between two strangers (asking way) Between a doctor and a patient Between a boy and a girl Opening an account in a bank Getting a draft from a bank Withdrawing money from the bank At a birthday party While shopping In a library At tea stall At railway station While going to cinema (husband and wife) A teacher in class-Why can't we speak English? In a hotel at a tourist place At the bus stop At a chemist shop While shopping fruits While buying a gift Two friends discussion about the importance of computer education in the present perspective About 'internet' About smoking About superstitions Between two friends regarding preparation for competitive examination While buying a ticket at railway station While hiring a taxi At a restaurant Between police inspector and a girl to whom someone tried to kidnap Between father and daughter about democracy Between husband, wife with servant At the post office Between mother and the class teacher (Mrs. Khanna) With principal for admission of a child Between a marketing executive (Rajesh) and the general manager Between an officer and the stenotypist (Miss Renu) With a property dealer Between a passenger and a ticket checker 3. Part-B Conversation at the Airport Desk 1 - Bag checking Desk 2 - Itinerary check Desk 3 - Changing seat assignments Changing flights Flight cancellation Voicing the dissatisfaction At the desk of immigration officer Desk customs officer Exchanging money Exchanging traveller's cheques Conversation at a Hotel When room is not already reserved When room is already got reserved Trouble with your reservation Visiting programme Room service Leaving a wakeup call Reviewing the bill Drinks Disputing the bill Planning a Meeting in a Hotel Catering Audio/visual needs Seating arrangements Conversation at Business Meetings Introducing yourself Making small talks You are asked to wait Meeting the Desired Person Introducing yourself Greeting an acquaintance Complimenting the person Accepting an invitation Decline an invitation Decline, but reschedule Negotiations Discussing the delay in completion of a project Making some objections Reaching an agreement Worries for the quality Disputing jurisdiction During a Business Meeting Introductions Discussing the agenda Various Conversations Weather - A to F Traveling - A to D Traffic - A to H Time - A to C Shopping - A to E Romance - A to G Needs change Borrowing money Forgetting - A to D Busy schedule - A to F Worries - A to B Rumors and normal talks - A to C Housing problems A to F Dieting No sleep - A to B Unwell - A to I Friendship A to C Suggestion - skin problem - A To B Cheating Conversation about boss Conversation about someone Anxiety - A to B Eating - A to D First introduction : strangers Conversation attending a party - A to C Going to a movie - A to C Asking for tourist information Informal greeting 4. Part-C Expressions used for making request Expressions used for showing preferences Expressions used for making complaints Expressions used for persuasion Expressions used to ask information Expressions used to show anger Expressions used for encouraging Expressions used to make suggestions or giving advice Expressions approximation Expressions used for asking explanations Expressions used to say 'nicely' Expressions used to apologize and responding to an apology Expressions used to reject an apology Expressions used to show surprise Expressions used to put forth opinion / knowing others opinion Expressions used to show agreement or disagreement Expressions used to show disagreement Expressions used to show gratitude and responding to thanks Expressions used to convey greetings and leave taking Expressions used to show certainty , probability, improbability Expressions used to offer help Expressions used while accepting help Expressions used to decline help Expressions used to convey presumptions / guessing Expressions used to give warning Expressions used to attract attention Expressions used to convey consolation / condolence Expressions used while introducing in conversations Expressions used to express admiration Expressions used for fixing / arranging appointments Expressions used to convey approval Expressions used to convey disapproval Expressions used to convey 'complements' Expressions used to convey 'congratulations' Expressions used for denial Expressions used to make friendly enquiries Expressions used to know the identity Expressions used to give instructions Introducing a conversational topic Expressions used for making an invitation Expressions used to refuse an invitation Expressions used to give permission Expressions used to refuse permission Expressions used to show pleasure Expressions displeasure Expressions used to mark prohibition Expressions used for rebuking Expressions of recollecting / remembering Expressions used to check the memory Expressions used for reminders Expressions used to show satisfaction Expressions showing dissatisfaction Expressions used to convey threat / warning Expressions worry or fear Asking what's wrong with Conveying what's wrong or what's the matter Expressions used for taking leave Expressions used to respond the leave taking 'ly' Adverbs Expressions used to disagree diplomatically Expressions used while 'buying things' Expressions used to describe a house Expressions used for directing to a place Expressions used to express doubts 5. Part-D English used in telephonic conversation English used in business activities English used in banking English used while traveling English relating to eating and drinking English relating to politics English used to describe weather conditions English used in entertainment field English used in 'Sports and Games' English relating to computer field English relating to crime field English relating to nature Practical Sentences of Time, Watch, Weather Sentences relating to Days/Dates/Months/Years Sentences relating to law Sentences relating to journey Sentences showing order or command Sentences of etiquette and good manners Sentences with idioms Sentences relating to health Common sentences used in daily routine 6. PART-II Use of Grammatical and Structural English in Conversation Part-A How does a conversation usually start Framing of questions Learn how to frame questions Question framing with each 'Wh' words Conversation and question tag Importance of Grammatical rules in conversation Learn the techniques of translation Importance of learning tense in conversation Various ways of denoting future actions Optative and exclamatory structures Use of adverbs in conversations Articles and conversations Conversation and conjunctions Conversations and rules of verbs Role of nouns in conversation Use of apostrophe with'S Preposition Some important preposition Appropriate prepositions Pronouns and conversation Unenglish and superfluous expressions Unnecessary wordiness Use of passive structures in conversation Conversation and narrations Role of modals in conversation Part-B Structural English Use of 'Was/Were' in conversation Use of infinitive Use of 'has/have' in conversation Use of 'Had' in conversation Use of 'Has/Have' with infinitive Use of Had with infinitive use of shall have / will have with infinitive Use do/does/did in conversation Various structures with 'It' Sentence structures with 'There' Sentences Beginning with 'Let' Causative Verbs Conditional structures Structure with 'Wish' 7. PART-III Correct Pronunciation and Conversation Importance of Correct Pronunciation Is your pronunciation O.K. How to pronunciation the words correctly? Pronunciation of Vowels Pronunciation of Consonants Silent words Learn to write names 8. PART-IV Group Discussion What's a Group Discussion? How to crack the Group Discussion successfully Do's and Don't at Group Discussion Holding key position in a G.D. Sample Group Discussion 9. PART-V Interviews How to face the Interview? Important aspects of an Interview What to prepare for the Interview? and how to prepare for the Interview? Preparing for the Interview Evaluation of the Interview Model Interviews