ISBN 9781403931962,Copyright and Related Rights: National and International Perspectives

Copyright and Related Rights: National and International Perspectives


Alka Chawla



Macmillian India Ltd

Publication Year 2007

ISBN 9781403931962

ISBN-10 1403931968


Number of Pages 255 Pages
Language (English)


Twenty- first century economy is ruled by knowledge. The knowledge is displayed by literary, dramatic, artistic and musical works, computer programs, films, sound recordings, radios, televisions, live programmes, Internet, etc.The law of copyright protects the creators? proprietary right in the knowledge. Copyright and Related Rights deals exhaustively and comprehensively with illustrative examples, relating to the rights and limitations of the authors and creators of work and those who assist them in communicating the work to the public like publishers, broadcasting organisations, producers of films and sound recordists, event managers, etc. The traditional law of copyright is facing challenges with the advancement of digital technology and the Internet. A chapter has been devoted to provide a clear explanation to the rights of authors in their works uploaded on the Internet. The Copyright Act 1957 is analysed in the light of international developments like Berne Convention, UCC, T About the Author Dr Alka Chawla, a Ph.D. in copyright law from the University of Delhi has been teaching the subject of Intellectual Property in the Faculty of Law, University of Delhi for the last twenty years. Dr Chawla has a wide experience in the field of copyright and has been a visiting faculty at various prestigious institutions and organisations: ILI, FICCI, AIR, SSI, etc. She has been a resource person for refresher courses conducted by the UGC for teachers of colleges and universities. She is also the author of a well-acknowledged report on Counterfeiting and Piracy in India, a project of the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD). Table of Contents Preface ? List of Cases ? List of Acts and Statutes ? List of Abbreviations Introduction To The Copyright Law ? History and Evolution of the Copyright Law: International and National Perspectives ? Works In Which Copyright Subsists ? Author of the Work and the Owner of Copyright ? Rights of Copyright Owners and Infringement ? Limitations to the Copyright ? Rights of Broadcasting Organisations and Performers ? Collective Administration of Rights through Copyright Societies ? Internet and Copyright Law ? Remedies Against Infringement of Copyright ? Index