ISBN 9789325983328,Corporate Administration  (For B.Com, Bba, Bbm And Bms)

Corporate Administration (For B.Com, Bba, Bbm And Bms)


Ashwini N



Vikas Publishing House

Publication Year 2014

ISBN 9789325983328

ISBN-10 932598332X


Number of Pages 166 Pages
Language (English)


A student of commerce and business must have comprehensive understanding of organization and the situation where it functions. Law is an important component of a country and is essential in forming of the company and its functions. Companies are formed carrying on business and they enjoy a corporate status.
The subject Corporate Administration covers the business of corporate company which every student of commerce must study. The book covers Joint Stock Company, Capital of a Company, Company Administration, Corporate Meetings and Global paradigms. In this book, every unit begins with learning objectives and systematic explanation of points in the syllabus. At the end of the each unit, summary, analytical and essay type questions are provided to help the reading community. This book enables the reader on how to float, run and close a company in India. It is worth-reading and to treasure., questions all of which support easy.

Content has been developed according to the syllabus requirements
The units are written in simple language
Numerous illustrations, examples and case studies for better understanding of concepts
Chapter end questions for practice