ISBN 9780761934516,Corporate Capers : Business NOT As Usual

Corporate Capers : Business NOT As Usual


Dinesh Kumar



SAGE Publications Ltd

Publication Year 2005

ISBN 9780761934516

ISBN-10 0761934510


Number of Pages 256 Pages
Language (English)


Corporate Capers is an eye-opening and insightful look at the corporate world. Blending serious issues with humour, it gives the reader an insider`s perspective of corporate life. The author has seen senior management at its best and worst during a career spanning 30 years. He narrates his experiences in a delightful manner, providing numerous practical corporate philosophies while covering a range of work issues such as: - business ethics - leadership - strategy - new age management - business etiquette Providing a bird`s eye view of the Indian corporate world, this is an incisive and thought-provoking book. Written in a style that is simple, interesting and witty, it is a thoroughly enjoyable read for anyone interested in the corporate world and its inner workings. It will be of particular interest to business leaders and to managers on the move. Table of Contents Preface I. ON BUSINESS ETHICS (WHAT`S THAT?) Balance Sheet Botoxing Greed for Gadgetry Big Chiefs` Appetites How to Conduct an AGM The Board Meets Before It Actually Meets The Seven Habits of Highly PerfidiousPeople Converting Butter Chicken into a Tot of Rum Corporate Conformance Partings are Painful II. ON LEADERSHIP (OR THE LACK OF IT) A Crash Course in Quality Swing Your Fortune on the Golf Course By the Law of Averages Viagra for the Drooping Market Being 75 in the Boardroom Market Segmentation It is Dangerous to be Good Mr Inverted Snobbery What is the Size of Your Office? This Vision Thing III. CORPORATE CAPERS MISCELLANY Aim is Fusion How to Conduct an Interview A Propensity for Verbosity Bruised by Branding The Road to the Top is Paved with Villains Five Good Reasons Why We have Consultants A Deadly Disease Called Founderitis A Piece of Advice for Newbie Managers Making Up Your Mind on Your Mind IV. BUDDHA ON MANAGEMENT May You Find Peace How to Stop Worrying and Start Managing Being an Enlightened Manager Wake up to Your Destiny V. ON BUSINESS ETIQUETTE A Small Matter of Packaging Ourselves Eating with Implements Conversationally Yours I Just Called to Say ?I Love You` VI. ON SECOND THOUGHTS Blowing Up Management Myths Fear is not the Key From Power to Persuasion Can Profit-making Organisations be Spiritual? Mind their Minds The Karma of Business and the Business of Karma Reengineer Yourself before Reengineering Corporations Conversations with a CEO A Leader or a Detractor? Servant Leadership Leadership is a Shared Ethical Culture What Good is Your Strategy if You cannot Communicate? If Your Shoes are not Shining, You Cannot Deliver Quality Redefining Supervision Balance or Burn Out Good People do Good Business Index