ISBN 9789351280651,Corporate Chick Turns Into A Spiritual Healer (Based On True Life Story)

Corporate Chick Turns Into A Spiritual Healer (Based On True Life Story)


Shweta Bisht



Kalpaz Publications

Publication Year 2014

ISBN 9789351280651

ISBN-10 9351280659


Number of Pages 143 Pages
Language (English)

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This book is a summary of the journey of my life which was completely normal and carefree like anyother teenagers life. But, then nothing remained normal in my life when supernatural activitiesentered my zone. Yes, its true my friends. I was attacked by supernatural forces and the journeystarted from there. The journey of a simple, happy going girl turning into a spiritual healer, byunderstanding the unknown world and its great powers.This book is based on my true life experiences, that makes me what I am today And I want toleave it on to you people to decide that how would you grasp it, understand it and believe it or not!!But at the end of the day, this will still remain the truth of my life.You can also take it as an "Awareness programme, or a workshop being conducted by an"Ex- Soft Skills Trainer, on the "Paranormal Activities taking place in today's times. It also containsten true cases that I have solved out of many. Each Module here is authentic and hundred per centtrue on the basis of my experiences. So, beware of any such activities happening around you. Anddon't neglect them if you see any thing like whatever is mentioned here, because it can happen withanyone. Remember if god exist then devil also exists! Remember this for lifetime!!Shweta Bisht is a globally renounced 'Paranormal Expert' and a 'Spiritual Healer' by occupation.She has her own website:, which has global network. Theclients from different parts of the world contact her for getting cured from paranormal activitiesthrough spiritual way. She has a Vedic healing shelter online, which has several spiritual servicesto offer. She has her own company by the name of MAHAKALI VEDIC HEALING SHELTER PVT. LTD.,serving to several victims globally. She is a devotee of Goddess Maha Kali and devoted this book toHer, as this is the first one.This book is a semi-biography of her and describes her own BlackMagic struggle that she faced being a victim herself and then how, shebecame a spiritual healer herself. She is god-gifted when it comes tospiritual healing. Today, she is a ray of light for all the helpless victims, whoare trapped in Black Magic and several Astrological problems. She is blunt,honest in her approach. This is her first book as an author but promises tokeep on writing more about different mysterious topics concerning BlackMagic, in future, too.