ISBN 9780761997467,Corporate Communications : A 21st Century Primer

Corporate Communications : A 21st Century Primer


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Publication Year 2004

ISBN 9780761997467

ISBN-10 0761997466


Number of Pages 280 Pages
Language (English)


This lucid book is a compelling introduction to corporate communications and its practical application in the modern organization. Joseph Fernandez makes a case for corporate communications as the cornerstone of any corporate growth strategy. He does this by highlighting communication approaches drawn from the worlds of advertising, journalism and public relations. Among the topics discussed are: - The evolution and nature of the new era and its unique communication needs. - The role of advertising and public relations as potent tools to build corporate brands and nurture them in global environments. - The advantages of the complementary use of traditional and new media in reaching the entire targeted audience. - The importance of subscribing to healthy corporate citizenship practices for both businesses and non-profit outfits. Table of Contents Introduction The 21st Century Corporate: In the Beginning Corporate Communications: A Brand New World The Domains of Influence: Audiences, Communities & Publics Advertising: Beyond the Brand Public Relations: Into the Strategy Realm The Traditional Media: Between the Lines The New Media: Across the Digital Divide Businesses and Non-profit Organizations: Communication is Commitment Companies and Corporations: Communicating the Corporate The Corporate Communicator: From Signposts to Milestones Index