ISBN 9788183481403,Correct English Writing Target Course

Correct English Writing Target Course


SC Gupta



Arihant Publication

Publication Year 2012

ISBN 9788183481403

ISBN-10 818348140X


Number of Pages 612 Pages
Language (Hindi)

Entrance Exam Preparation

Table Of Contents Correct English Writing Target Course How to write correct English? Use of tenses Proper use of articles Use of adjectives Use of adverbs Role of verbs Modals Sentences expressing Syntax: Subject-verb, agreement Inversion Non-finite Role of participles Role of gerund Use of nouns Role of pronouns Role of prepositions Role of conjunctions Role of interjections (!) Narrations (Direct & Indirect) Active & Passive voices Transformation of sentences Conditional sentences Unenglish and superfluous expressions Question framing Question tag Use of capital letters and punctuation Spelling rules Formation of words Sentence structure and analysis Synthesis of sentences Practical sentences relating to time, watch & weather Sentences relating to days/dates/months/years Sentences relating to journey Sentences relating to law Sentences of etiquette and good manners Sentences with idioms Sentences relating to health Common sentences used in daily routine Role of phrasal verbs in writing correct English Idioms and phrases Idiomatic expressions A few proverbs Antonyms/synonyms Homonyms Specific use of words (Similar meanings) Paronyms One word substitution Foreign words Group Terms Related pairs of words Comprehension Letter writing Precis Report writing Paragraph writing (expansions)